Sacred Visibility



An Intuitive & Intentional Website Design Course

How would you feel if you created your own website?

- Empowered?

- Elated?

- Sovereign?

What is stopping you?

- tech gremlins?

- expertise?

- Overwhelm?

What if I could show you what to do....

Lets take a walk together and co-create something magical!

In “Vessels of Visibility”, I take you on a guided quest into the wilds of website design. I will walk beside you and show you how I create websites for my beloveds in an intentional & intuitive manner. You are able to benefit from this knowledge & wisdom to create your own digital resonator.

Over 5 weeks you will learn how to navigate around WordPress and co-create a 5+ page (Offerings, Blog, About Me, Contact Me, Privacy and T&C’s, Home) website that holds your sacred work & vision for the world. I will be there right beside you co-creating my own site and supporting & sharing what I know.

There will be a weekly video Q&A, energetic invitations, writing prompts, technical support and instructional videos guiding you through each portal. Essential & helpful tech notes with explanations, basic SEO, plugin suggestions and much more. 

We will begin on the New Moon of 12 February 2021 and follow the lunar cycle in our creation process. Bringing to form our ‘Vessel of Visibility” during the next New Moon phase. Why not ride the existing energetic tides of power in our creation process.

Are you with me?

Your Sacred Container Awaits...

What terrain will we cover?

snow peaked mountains at duck with a moon


In our pre-quest work, we will slowly dip our toes into the energetics and intention of the website. We will also lay the foundations for the essential tech that will help us bring our vision into a reality. 

  • create the intention for our sacred container, so it can hold the required vision & information 
  • organise domain registration & hosting
  • create an email account with your domain name
  • install WordPress on your chosen domain & customise the settings
  • WordPress dashboard overview
  • Elementor page builder
  • pick a colour palette, font(s) and template & customise any required settings 
  • use your existing branding, logo etc and upload this to the media area
  • favicon selection
  • plugin suggestions

Portal One

In Portal One we will be working with the page that holds our services/products/workshops. At the start of our quest, it is often easier to focus on what we are offering in service to the world. A gentle jump into the waters of creation.

  • be invited to learn how to set yourself & your space up for the creation of an intuitive & intentional website
  • basic SEO
  • create an offering page with your own text & images
  • link (embed) any booking/scheduling system into this page
  • connect a payment gateway if needed
  • energetic support with mantras, meditations & music
  • practical support with writing prompts and image selection
lunar eclipse

Portal Two

In Portal Two we will be delving into a blog page. Here you can create and upload posts that are current and topical for where you are on your journey today.

  • create a blogging page and upload your first post
  • learn the difference between a page and a post
  • connect any social media links to the blogging page
  • music, mantras & meditations to support the energetic container
  • writing prompts and suggestions on images and layout of the blog page
solar eclipse

Portal Three

In Portal Three we start reaching for the stardust of our own selves. Here we will focus on bring to form the About Me/My Journey page. There will be energetic support and assistance with writing copy.

Here at the halfway point, much has been accomplished already. Congratulations!

  • creation of the About Me/My Journey page 
  • copy prompts and guidance on images to use
  • energetic support in the form of mantras, visualisations & music
stars on a summer night over a mountain range

Portal Four

At Portal Four we start to bring it all together and integrate what we have done so far. We create a contact page with form for connection to our beloveds. 

  • create a contact me page and embed a form for email capture
  • connect contact form into an email service
  • add in a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions to the site
  • learn about basic security and plugins that help with this.
  • connect and integrate the entire site to other third party platforms, if needed
  • energetic support with mantras and visualisations
  • practical assistance with copy and finding the necessary legal documents for your site
cosmic spiral of creation

Portal Five

Here at the door to Portal Five we bring together facets of the entire website to create the homepage. As the homepage is a collection of the content from the other pages, this is relatively straightforward.

  • creation of the homepage
  • create the header, footer and menus for your site
  • testimonials & where to place them
  • mantras & visualisations to assist you in the integration phase
  • connect any additional third party platforms
  • test links work
  • proof entire website for grammar, structure & flow
  • share your LIVE site
kali in human form with 12 arms
jagged mountain peaks bathed in sunlight

Out in the Digital Marketplace

You did it. Created your very own website from the ground up. With the help of the Queen & Magician archetype you are now out in the digital landscape.
But what now?

  • assistance with how to maintain and update your site.
  • creating and scheduling posts for your blog
  • further assistance, support & feedback

When are the Live Q&A's?

The live Q&A sessions will be on the following days at AEST (Melbourne time). Hopefully, the two time will accommodate Northern & Southern Hemisphere timezones. 

If you have any questions you would like answered, please show up live or email me your question and I will answer it for you. These calls will be recorded and available in the portal within 24 hrs (technology muse dependant). 

  1. Sunday 14 February 2021 @ 1000 AEDT & 2200 AEDT
  2. Sunday 21 February 2021 @ 1000 AEDT & 2200 AEDT
  3. Sunday 28 February 2021 @ 1000 AEDT & 2200 AEDT
  4. Sunday 07 March 2021 @ 1000 AEDT & 2200 AEDT
  5. Sunday 14 March 2021 @ 1000 AEDT & 2200 AEDT
  6. Sunday 21 March 2021 @ 1000 AEDT & 2200 AEDT – Closing of the Portals & next steps


"Alison is the most Heart centered website designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her passion for her work, ie delivering a high quality product that is sacred and visible is second to none! Her attention to detail is outstanding. And she knows how to listen to what YOU need, and deliver it in an understandable way.. as a technophobe, this alone was priceless to me! I highly recommend using Alison.. every darn cent you spend will be worth way more than you could possibly imagine!"


Early Bird

until 5 February 2021

$777 AUD


Payment Plan

until 5 February 2021

$111 AUD

for 7 weeks

(total $777


$888 AUD

Full Price

Payment Plan

$148 AUD

for 6 weeks

(Total $888)

** Please note that your email to set up your course login can take up to 12 hours. Contact me if this has not been received.

Course opens 5 February 2021 for Pre-Quest foundations for a 12 February 2021 start on the New Moon.

If you would like to connect with me in a Discovery Call to see if this is a fit for you.
Please click on the button below to schedule in your call.
Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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Have Any Questions?

Here are some common questions that I have answered in order for you to be informed and empowered in your decision making process.

If there is something that you would like clarification on please email me at and I will reply as soon as I can.


Anyone who would like to learn for themselves how to create a WordPress website from scratch. You will be guided and assisted at every stage. If you need help, reach out and we can solve this together.

I will be demonstrating on a WordPress platform using an Elementor page builder.
I understand that there are other platforms, Squarespace, WIX, Weebly etc.

The course fundamentals are similar across all platforms. If you want to check if you can do this on your particular platform, please get in touch by email on

Once you invest into the course, there will be aq welcome email with all the login details that you need. The course will not be live until 12 February 2021, but you will be able to gain access to the portal from  5 February 2021.

No, there is no coding knowledge required. I use the Elementor page builder which uses a drag and drop feature to create the page. 

Please allow for 2-3hrs a week to go through the course content and create that weeks focus page.

My aim in this co-creative group container is for everyone to finish around the same time. If you put aside the time in your schedule now, you will keep up. However, I understand that life happens, so you have access to the course for as long as I am running it.