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Established in 19something or rather 🙂

Alison Haitana birthday celebrations
Food was my first love..but IT not far behind 🙂

I have always been a bit of an IT Geek. It just took me years to realise that was a thing! One of my things that could, Beloved by Beloved, change the world!

I can vividly remember the excitement at school when we got our first computer. It was a magical Apple IIe computer with Dot Matrix printer. Showing my age, but I digress. I still to this day remember the fascination at being able to bring my thoughts and ideas into written and concrete form. It was magical. This machine really triggered my analytical intelligence, so I dug deeper. Trying to figure out how it worked, how it thought and the processes that were running it. I was hooked.

Years went on and it became just another tool for many, but to me it still was a mystery & riddle that needed to be solved.

I became a gamer (Warcraft) and stayed up with my flatmates playing RPG’s into the wee hours with flickering lights and cans of coke keeping me company. I cannot remember the pseudonym I went by in this world. But, at the time it gave me a hell of a giggle. ?? Rainbow knight or some such thing.. Funny right… Straddling the worlds even then..

Fast forward into my professional life & I have just always know how to talk to them, tend to them so they could function. I remember working at a telco relocation phones, internet & cable services. It was a dinosaur of a system and I needed to work across three different provisioning systems just to figure out what could go at what location. Flicking back & forth, making sense of the numbers.

In a sense all this experience and wonder has lead me to this offering. Down the road of IT empowerment for heart-centred womxn entrepreneurs.


Because event though we make up over 50% of the marketplace we only earn 4% of the revenue. That sucks and something needs to be done about it. In my experience I have noticed that technology is something that can be a barrier for womxn to enter the marketplace. It seems foreign & cold. Something that is avoided or interacted with tentatively.

I desire for this to change. I know that I can help in some way by deeply listening to my Beloveds and walking with them on this own personal journey with technology. Hopefully, during our time together a spark is created that enables my Beloveds to be more easeful around technology. Masterful even!

This is why I have created this offering in this manner. I am truly here to serve. To empower you and give you IT confidence in order to get out in the marketplace.

I look forward to connecting in, if that is what you are called to do.

Much aroha,



I am co-creating a digital space with divine guidance as my GPS.

A space where technology is undergoing a REclamation & REevolution into a more balanced & harmonised sacred form.

One that nurtures and enables you to thrive as a multidimensional & multifaceted womxn entrepreneur.


My vision for this particular resonator is to make visible a facet of my sacred service to the world.

To show you in image and story if this is an adventure that you would like to undertake.

To offer my services to you as an alchemical guide, so we can walk together to find & embrace your inner geek.


When a womxn works with me. Not only will she get a sacred online resonator that holds the visual hologram of her business’s vision. But, you will also feel empowered to co-create and collaborate with technology. So, you can thrive and make a difference in the world with your sacred work made visible.

Selected Trainings

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