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Sacred Visibility is VISIBILITY on your terms!

Kia Ora!

My name is Alison

Intuitive & Intentional Website Designer

Welcome, welcome, thrice welcome.

My name is Alison and I am an intentional & intuitive website designer. 

What exactly is this? Quite simply, it means that I infuse everything that I create with meaning, magic & a sprinkle of the mystery. I work with certain archetypal energies that have stepped forward as your personal ally, this is where the magic happens. 

I also inquire deeply as to the vision & intention of your digital repository. When this information has been gathered. It is woven into a tapestry that is utterly unique and gives your vision an online container that holds it’s manifested form.

In our work together, it is my hope that we collaborate & co-create an energetic & sacred digital signature. One that holds the frequency & resonance of yourself, your business & your offerings.

I want to empower womxn entrepreneurs with sacred visibility. So, you can be seen, heard & witnessed on your terms in the digital marketplace. One way I can do this, is through intuitive & intentional website design.

Intuitive & Intentional Website Design

kali in human form with 12 arms


As we move more fully into the DIVINE dance of creation. We are gifted with a Visionary mind that helps to access & bring your ideas manifest. Here we take dive deep into the heart of the cosmos to find and bring back your unique expression. The DIVINE frequency has the capacity for up to 8 portals of possibility. We can start to expand and grow the vibrational resonance that holds your sacred vision & service for the world.

the creatrix

My vision for this particular resonator is to make visible a facet of my sacred service to the world.

To show you in image and story if this is an adventure that you would like to undertake.

To offer my services to you as an alchemical guide, so we can walk together to find & embrace your inner geek.

I look forward to connecting in with you and questing together.

With much aroha, 


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